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- Pre and Post Natal
  Mother and Infant Care
- Adult and Pediatric Osteopathy​​


Elissa Gustafson, DOMP

Elissa Gustafson graduated with Honours from both The University of Windsor in Human Kinetics and from The National Academy of Osteopathy. Before beginning her osteopathic career she worked as a kinesiologist, personal trainer, and children’s fitness coach. She also pursued chiropractic training at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College from 2010-2012.


During her tenure in the healthcare field, Elissa has helped people recover from their injuries, reach their health goals, and live better lives through empathetic and effective treatments. She has worked with a wide range of patients including olympians, pregnant women in all trimesters, newborns, the elderly, weekend warriors, patients with chronic conditions, and many more.


Elissa has helped many people recover from their injuries to lead happier and healthier lives. Just a few examples include: helping a grandfather walk again so he can play soccer with his grandson, a physical labourer regain sensation in his feet and hands, and a second time mom have an uncomplicated pregnancy and easier birth after being on bedrest and needing emergency medical intervention with her first pregnancy.


She wants to make sure her patients are comfortable and understand all aspects of treatment. Because of this, she always talks through her treatment explaining not only how but why and is open to any and all questions. Due to her extensive work with children, they often feel at ease and are able to communicate their ailments more effectively.  


Elissa has performed many  outreach and educational presentations at schools, fundraisers, and local businesses.  Giving back to the community and teaching the public about how manual osteopathy can help you lead a healthier life is something she is very passionate about. 


You are more than just the sum of your body parts. That’s why Elissa, practices a “whole person” approach to health care. Instead of just treating your specific symptoms, she concentrates on treating you as a whole. Manual osteopaths are taught that all of the body’s systems are interconnected and each one affects the others. Elissa has received special training in the musculoskeletal system so that she can better understand how that system reflects and influences the condition of all other body systems.


During her spare time Elissa enjoys a variety of recreational activities such as soccer, volleyball, camping, and playing with her dog Mallow.  She also enjoys board and card games, afternoon barbeques, and relaxing in her backyard.


Elissa is a member in good standing of the National Manual Osteopath Society  and Society of Osteopaths of Canada.





Available Treatments
  • Pediatric Osteopathy
  • Pre and post natal mother and infant care
  • Cranial Osteopathy
  • ​Visceral Osteopathy
  • Structural Osteopathy
Degrees and diplomas
  • 2017: Standard First Aid & CPR
  • 2015: DOMP, National Academy of Osteopathy
  • 2012: Personal Training Certification, CanFit Pro
  • 2011: Kids Fitness Certification, Monkeynastix
  • 2010: B.H.K- Honours Human Kinetics, University of Windsor​
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