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Ella Simone, R.Ac

Ella has always had a deep and profound curiosity in the healing arts.  Having experienced increased wellness through alternative medicines, she became personally aware of the true healing that can come from modalities focused on robust health over the simple absence of disease.  After experiencing the profound impact that acupuncture had in her own life, Ella knew that pursuing this field professionally was her path.

Ella earned her Diploma of Acupuncture in 2022, and continues to refine her education in Chinese Medicine through training programs focused on the Five Element traditions and treating the psycho-emotional and spiritual aspects of dis-ease.  She approaches treatment of physical manifestations of imbalances with an understanding of the inner dynamics that lie at  their root.

In addition to acupuncture, Ella has a background in flower essence therapy.  Her experience practicing in this field helps to further enrich her understanding of the spiritual inner dynamics of a patients experience by supporting the bodies natural inclination to move towards peace and harmony.


Initial Consultation (60- 90 minutes): $135

Follow Up (60 minutes):  $100

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