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Mojo Laviolette, Certified Rolfer 

ROLFING ® Structural Integration - (SI)

ROLFING ® Structural Integration - (SI) is a form of holistic manual therapy that focuses on the fascia.  Pioneered by Dr. Ida Rolf in the 1970s, Rolfing® SI has become a rapidly growing field in the bodywork sphere.

What does it do?

With use, gravity and habits, our muscles and tissues can suffer from compression.  This compression of the body happens over time and can often be the reason behind chronic pain.  Rolfing® SI seeks to reorganize the muscles ant the connective tissues (fascia) through manipulation and movement.  It is a way of decompressing the body. which allows greater fluidity of movement and better alignment with gravity.

Throughout the sessions, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being can improve.

Rolfing®SI is a holistic manual therapy that also fosters a greater sense of embodiment.  Its ultimate goal is to help clients find more ease of movement in their life.

The Ten-Series

Developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, the Ten-Series is a series of sessions designed to target specific regions of the body in order to realign a person’s structure. By doing this, there is more space created between joints, bones, muscles, and organs and in most cases, a dramatic improvement in the client’s relationship with their body and experience with pain. Each session prepares the body for the subsequent sessions. Sessions 1-3 address the compression that is held at a superficial level of the body. Sessions 4-7 address the deeper levels of compression within the body. Sessions 8-10 are integration sessions where we prepare the body to create new habits and retain what has been learned in previous sessions. Mojo likes to think of the Ten-Series as achieving version 2.0 of oneself — and who doesn’t want an upgraded version of themselves?!

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