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Maria Variola, DO(QC)


Growing up in Colombia inspired by multiple family members in health professions Maria's vocation was always obvious since childhood.

At age 14 along with her family she moved to Canada, her father's homeland. While studying Biology at Concordia University in Montreal and then at Dalhousie University in Halifax,

Maria had the opportunity of enrolling in an apprenticeship with a local osteopath who inspired her into the profession. She became familiarized with osteopathy and fell in love with it, amazed at how just a pair of hands could help so many patients get better. She eventually made the decision of enrolling in the IEOQ osteopathic medicine program in Montreal, and graduated with a D.O in June 2011. She completed her thesis on The Effects of Osteopathy on Meniere's Disease.


During her time at Concordia Maria was able to volunteer in Southern France at different herb/plant remedy farms where she had the privilege of learning firsthand about herbal medicine and Bach Remedies. During her clinical year in osteopathy school she had the opportunity to attend orthopedic surgery, vaginal and cesarean births, as well as ectopic pregnancy surgeries at the Partenon Clinic in Bogota, Colombia. She had the chance of working with post-partum mothers and newborns, providing osteopathic care to both and seeing the incredible benefits of post-partum and early pediatric osteopathic treatment.


Throughout her time in osteopathy school, during her clinical year and to this day,

Maria has treated patients of all ages and conditions, from infants to the elderly, in both Canada and Colombia. Her passion and current specialty is visceral and cranial osteopathy- specially pre and post natal- supported by her ongoing enrollment in continuing education through the Barral Institute for Visceral and Neural Manipulations and Upledger institute for CranioSacral Therapy.


Maria is fluent in Spanish, English and French and is a member in good standing of the Society of Osteopaths of Canada. 

Degrees and diplomas
  • 2015: Visceral Applications for Pediatrics, Barral Institute
  • 2015: Neural Manipulation III, Barral Institute
  • 2013: Visceral Manipulation II, Barral Institute
  • 2013: Neural Manipulation II, Barral Institute
  • ​2012: Visceral: Cadaver Disection, Barral Institute
  • 2012: Neural Manipulation I, Barral Institute
  • 2012: Visceral Manipulation I, Barral Institute
  • 2011 - DO(QC), IEOQ
  • 2010 - Cranio Sacral Therapy I, Upledger Institute
  • 2007: BSc. Biology, Dalhousie and Concordia Universities 

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