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- Pre and Post Natal
  Mother and Infant Care
- Adult and Pediatric Osteopathy​​


-Manual Osteopathy

-Athlete manual Osteopathy

-Visceral and Structural 


        Sofia Caricote, DO

     - Manual Osteopathy

If you live in Ottawa or surrounding area and suffer from migraines or headaches, neck pain, back pain, ITB syndrome, or TMJ pain, please book a consultation with us. Our Manual Osteopaths are qualified to provide clinical care for these as well as other ailments.
Back pain and whole body pain in particular can have a range of detrimental symptoms for sufferers. This pain can not only make every day activities like sitting, standing, and sleeping unpleasant, but referred pain can cause the pain to travel to other parts of the body. Headaches and migraines can be caused by a bad back. 

Manual Osteopathy is a form of drug-free, non-invasive manual medicine that focuses on total body health by treating and strengthening the viscera (organs), cranial system, as well as the musculoskeletal framework. Its aim is to positively affect the body's nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems.


This therapy is a unique holistic (whole body) approach to health care. Manual Osteopaths do not simply concentrate on treating the problem area, but use manual techniques to balance all the systems of the body, to provide overall good health and well being.


Elissa Gustafson DOMP,  Carolyn Smith DOMP, and Sofia Caricote, DO are qualified Manual Osteopaths serving the Ottawa area.

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Osteopathy is helpful to treat the following conditions, amongst others:

Pediatric Osteopathy

It is a common belief that babies and children should have no stresses or strain​s in their bodies, because they are 'so young'. The reality is very different. Birth is one of the most stressful events of our lives.

The baby is subjected to enormous forces, as the uterus pushes to expel the baby against the natural resistance of the birth canal.

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Minimal Title

Cranial Osteopathy

This is the study of anatomy and physiology of the cranium and its inter-relationship with the body as a whole. ​

It is a refined and subtle type of osteopathic treatment that uses very gentle manipulative pressure to encourage the release of stresses throughout the body, including the head.

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Visceral Osteopathy

A buildup of tissue tension in the organs (or viscera) may exert a pull on the spine through their ligamentous attachments. To avoid further stretch on the organs the body may unconsciously hunch forward. This may be a factor in chronic back and neck pain.


Visceral osteopathy is concerned with the manipulation of the organs and their relation to the body. Treatment of painful but common disorders including sport injuries, bloating, migraines and other headaches, bladder, bowel, and intestine problems, and other symptoms can be relieved with visceral osteopathy. 

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