Elissa Gustafson, DOMP

Elissa is a phenomenal Manual Osteopath. She inspires confidence by using her vast knowledge and experience to inform and educate her patients. Her happy, calming personality enables her patients to relax and breath easy, helping them through whatever pain or discomfort they may be in. She is down to earth, understanding, and truly cares about her patient's health and wellbeing.


I would recommend Elissa to absolutely anyone!


Teresa V., Guelph, ON, 2016

My name is Summer. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and I was just recently diagnosed after living 28 years WITH it. It's a rare connective tissue genetic disorder. I have seen chiropractors with little to no improvement of my scoliosis and chronic pain after years and years of treatment. I have had many Doctors who couldn't figure out my condition, but tried to help me the best they could. I am a new client of my Manual Osteopath Elissa and I find her extraordinary. This is my first time with a Manual Osteopath. She recently figured out the cause of my pain that put me in the emergency room a few weeks ago. She is very accommodating, kind, knowledgeable and helpful. I get more info about my body from her then I do from other medical professionals and I trust her judgement. Her treatments work. The short term healing that happens after a treatment is well worth the end result of a proper functioning body and pain relief. I would highly recommend Elissa to anyone who is seeking Manual Osteopathic treatments for pain, bone, muscle and joint issues, jaw issues, amongst a list of other health issues. Thanks Elissa :) 

Summer M., Guelph, ON, 2016

Thanks so much for the treatment today. I could definitely feel the difference through my hips! You made me feel way better than physio ever has!

Vanessia O., Guelph, ON, 2016

Elissa is absolutely amazing! Knowledgeable, friendly, and dedicated. Would recommend her to anyone in need of Manual Osteopathic care and I have experienced fantastic progress while working with her.

Jeremy A., Guelph, ON, 2016
Carolyn Smith, DOMP

I'm an active hockey player, golfer, and father of two. My shoulder was causing debilitating pain, and I was diagnosed with Bursitis. By the time I sought treatment I could barely lift my arm. Carolyn quickly assessed the  strength and flexibility difficulties, and provided me with a program of stretches and exercises tailored to my recovery. With every week I was surprised at the progress! Carolyn consistently made an effort to communicate with me, evolve her treatment, and shift my program with my improvement. After six weeks I have recovered most of my strength and flexibility, and I am back out on the ice. Carolyn is professional, empathetic, passionate, and hard working. Both Carolyn and the Clinic come highly recommended.  

Paul L, Ottawa, ON, 2017

Carolyn is a warm , considerate and very gentle person. She listens carefully and pays  attention to your needs and problems. She explains what she will do and make certain you are always comfortable. I am very pleased with the treatment and care that she gives.



Ann G, Ottawa On, 2017
Liam Graham-Morton , DOMP

After increasing triathlon training in the spring, I started to feel sharp pain in my neck and shoulders. Liam did an amazing job quickly figuring out which activity was causing me pain. He explained how to fix my posture while biking and provided me with daily stretches to prevent further injury. Liam was really nice and approachable; he did an amazing job. Thank you Liam!


Emma F, Ottawa, ON 2018

Liam, I felt immediate relief that made me comfortable in my own body. I am now an avid volunteer having amassed over 1000 volunteer hours, and I am so grateful for Liam’s work that has allowed me to express my passion of helping community, while feeling amazing. In my opinion, communication is key, and I feel that I can easily communicate with Liam on how I’m feeling, and ask questions. Liam makes a caring and positive atmosphere that still maintains professionalism and values respect and trust. During a session, Liam does an amazing job at explaining the treatment, and uses diagrams and anatomical structures. This helps me better understand my health and allows me to be more knowledgeable in my own well-being.

Sana M, Ottawa, ON 2018

I went to see Liam to treat my sciatica, a constant dull pain in my lower back as well as a very uncomfortable numbing sensation across my entire thigh. He was very patient, professional and had a calming presence, which were all greatly appreciated in the process of remedying my bodily trauma. I also appreciated Liam’s holistic approach to my condition, taking in to account the workings of the entire body rather than simply the isolated area; solving the root of the problem instead of merely “putting on a bandaid”. After a few shorts week I felt sensation come back to my leg as well as significant relief in my lower back. After years of living with this discomfort I am so glad I found Liam and osteopathy.


Sylvie C, Ottawa  ON 2018

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