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Osteopathic Care to Treat Whiplash

The word “whiplash” is used to describe a specific neck injury in which the head is suddenly knocked back and then forward again such as when a person is rear-ended in a car accident. This unnatural action forces the muscles and ligaments in the neck to stretch beyond the normal range which results in pain and stiffness.

Within 24 hours, a person with whiplash may experience additional symptoms such as headaches, exhaustion, dizziness and even blurred vision. Less common symptoms include irritability, trouble sleeping, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and cognitive problems such as having trouble concentrating and recalling memories.

Unfortunately, whiplash is not a rare neck injury and can commonly occur not only in vehicle collisions but also from contact sports and other specific accidents that cause the neck to be thrown backwards and then forwards.  First aid treatment of whiplash may consist of ice
Osteopathy for Whiplash

packs, rest and anti-inflammatory medication. Since whiplash can range from mild to severe, pain medication may also be prescribed by their doctor.

Usually, whiplash symptoms go away after a couple of weeks, however, a percentage of patients will be left with chronic pain and stiffness in the neck which may eventually lead to painful muscle spasms and poor posture. Over time, these lingering symptoms can cause significant complications (for example, thoracic outlet syndrome) so early management with a qualified osteopath is ideal.

Elissa Gustafson, DOMP and Carolyn Smith, DOMP are both osteopaths at the Ottawa Holistic Health Centre. They are experienced in the effective treatment of whiplash as well as other painful neck conditions. Using Elissa and Maria's osteopathy can help to relieve the symptoms of whiplash and prevent them from becoming chronic.

Sometimes, people choose to combine their osteopathy sessions with chiropractic,  physical therapy, massage therapy and/or athletic therapy. 

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