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 Osteopathic Care for Back Pain

Back problems are estimated to afflict as many as 8 out of 10 people at some point during their life. In fact, according to the 2010 Global Burden of Disease Study, lower back pain in particular is found to be the major reason for disability in the entire world.

Based on this information, it’s not surprising that about half of working Americans report at least one back pain symptom every single year and as a result, a painful back is one of the most common reasons an employee gives when they call in sick.

Back pain symptoms can greatly vary from sharp to burning and can occur acutely from a traumatic event such as a fall. Sometimes, it can appear gradually through chronic wear and tear from things such as poor posture.

Whatever the cause for back pain, it is very important to have it treated by a professional within 6 weeks to improve treatment success rates.

Osteopathy for Back Pain

Osteopathic  Manipulation Techniques (OMT) can be very beneficial for back pain and a multitude of methods can be applied to a single patient. Some of these may include:

  • Muscle Energy Technique (MET) – By applying pressure to a tight muscle, often while in use, an osteopath tries to release it in order to regain balance in the spine. Sometimes, this results in a resolution of symptoms.

  • Soft Tissue Technique – Targeting the muscles around the spine, traction and stretching are performed. Tight muscles contribute to an asymmetrical spine resulting in back pain. As a result, relaxing them can cure some cases of back pain.

  • Thrust Technique – This osteopathic manipulation restores the normal motion of a specific joint by using a targeted high velocity but low amplitude thrust maneuver. With skill and care, this technique can resolve back pain symptoms stemming from asymmetry, restriction of motion, inflammation, etc.

Along with athletic therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy and physical therapy, osteopathy can improve or cure many common kinds of back pain. Elissa Gustafson, DOMP, and Carolyn Smith, DOMP at the Ottawa Holistic Health Centre have vast experience in treating this commonly disabling condition.

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