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- Pre and Post Natal
  Mother and Infant Care
- Adult and Pediatric Osteopathy​​




- Adult Osteopathy

-Athlete Osteopathy

-Visceral and Structural Ostoepathy


Cranial Osteopathy

This is the study of anatomy and physiology of the cranium and its inter-relationship with the body as a whole.
It is a refined and subtle type of osteopathic treatment that uses very gentle manipulative pressure to encourage the release of stresses throughout the body, including the head.


The skull is made up of 26 bones which are intricately joined in such a way that during the rhythmical cycle of involuntary motion, the skull can actually change shape very slightly to accommodate the normal involuntary motion of the brain inside.
Impact to the head can block or disrupt this movement. This can cause a wide variety of problems both in the head and in other areas of the body.
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